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"8 Moments of Oslo" Art Card Box Set

"8 Moments of Oslo" Art Card Box Set

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Box containing 8 double art cards with envelopes – perfect as a gift for yourself, your family or friends!

Moments of Oslo – Cards from the Oslo series.

We’re always fascinated by unique points of view, and here we see Oslo through the eyes of our friend, Vidar Hagen. Each card contains a small story or explanation on the back of the card. Here’s a taste of one of the cards found in this box set; Golden Oldies. “Near where I live, stand 137 beautiful wooden houses in Rodeløkka, dating from the 1850’s. I can imagine some of these being challenging spaces – not always easy to live in – but what a joy it must be still. Go here to travel back in time and simply breathe. Old but gold, Rodeløkka (Gammel = Old)”


Technical information:

A6 cards (10,5 x 14,8 cm when folded).

Includes brown flecked C6 envelopes envelopes.

Made in Norway

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