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Porcelain Candle Holder | Glossy White

Porcelain Candle Holder | Glossy White

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Handcrafted porcelain candle holder for OVO Things' candles (Slim, Christmas, or Birthday)

Dimensions: 1.18" tall x 1.3" wide Opening is approx. .25" wide 

Designed by OVO Things, porcelain candlestick holders are handmade by a small manufacturer in Lithuania. These tiny candle holders are handcrafted in small batches during multi-stage routine until they get the shape intended. This involves liquid porcelain being poured into moulds, one at a time; then set aside and dried out, later fired in a kiln at high temperatures properly, glazed in several steps, washed and trimmed. The whole affair is time consuming and goes delicate ways using just simple tools and skillful hands.

As a handmade object the candle holders may differ slightly in color or shape. 
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